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valentine's day drabble dump!

chanyeol/kyungsoo – g – fluff – 201 words

“Chanyeol, this is really stupid,” Kyungsoo says dryly. The taller boy is still laughing beside him, even while they run through their neighbors’ backyards in a rush. They’re holding hands and Kyungsoo is still completely confused as to where Chanyeol’s taking him.

“We’re here,” he announces. It’s a fast food restaurant. When Kyungsoo states the obvious, Chanyeol only laughs and pulls him inside.

They order fries and root beer floats, taking seats at the back. Chanyeol goes on and on about his day while Kyungsoo listens and eats his good silently.

“It’s midnight, Chanyeol. We have classes tomorrow. Why did you sneak me out of the house just so that we can eat fries?” Kyungsoo runs his eyes and yawns. He really is tired.

Chanyeol leans forward to kiss Kyungsoo. He tastes like salt combined with the vanilla ice cream coming from the float. Chanyeol’s lips are plush like Kyungsoo’s and they spend a little while sitting in that booth, quietly enjoying their little moment.

"I just wanted to take you out on a date. Happy Valentine's day," Chanyeol says shyly. Kyungsoo smiles and pulls him back down for another kiss, not caring if there could be anyone staring at them.

baekhyun/chen – g – fluff – 285 words

Baekhyun crawls into bed with Jongdae. The younger male looks at him with sleepy eyes. “Hey,” he breathes out. Baekhyun just nods.

“You’re staying in Beijing, right?” Baekhyun asks. Jongdae nods slowly. “We’ll be apart again.”

Jongdae chuckles. “I bet you’ll miss me.”

Baekhyun doesn’t want to say that he really will miss Jongdae. He doesn’t want to break the silence full of beating hearts and exploding imaginations and heated touches everywhere. He want to tell Jongdae that every hug he gives Baekhyun, every little smile and look and thought he gives Baekhyun makes the older male want to explode.

He wants to tell the truth, but he doesn’t want to tell Jongdae that he’s tired of the games that they play.

“Sure I will,” Baekhyun says. His tone is sarcastic and teasing and it’s what they’re used to.

Baekhyun isn’t usually like this, but he’s tired and lonely and he just wants to talk to someone. His message to Jongdae starts out as: “hey ^^” And then it develops to “how are you?" And it ends up as “I miss you,” which is definitely not what Baekhyun wanted. But now it's out there and Jongdae’s going to read it and it’s all going to be over. Goodbye. Friendship over.

He doesn't expect Jongdae to say “I miss you too,” and he certainly doesn't expect Jongdae to call him a few seconds later. It’s a huge surprise, but Baekhyun gladly takes it.

Jongdae asks him about his Valentine’s day without the younger male to make his day a thousand times better. Jongdae talks to him like the best friends that they are, but Baekhyun knows that little lilt in his voice.

This is a new start.

sehun/tao – g – fluff – 358 words

Zitao feels another pang in his heart when he sees Jongin and Sehun walking towards their favorite table in the cafeteria. Lu Han had always said that they’ve slept with each other, and it’s obvious with how they act around the other. Everything breaks Zitao’s heart.

“What are you waiting for? Go ask him out!” Yixing encourages. Zitao can only shake his head.

“I can't do this, not when Jongin’s there,” whines Zitao. He sees them snickering together again. He’s going to die of heartbreak at this rate.

Lu Han groans and pushes him forward towards them. He catches Jongin’s attention and the locally-famous dancer only squints at him. “Zitao?”

“H-hey,” he manages to blurt out. Sehun still isn’t looking at him, and that makes Zitao even more nervous.

“Sehun,” Zitao calls. The younger male looks at him blankly and seriously nothing is helping Zitao’s nerves right now.

“D-do you want to go out? With me? On Valentine’s day? Which is today?” Zitao clears his throat. “Um, yeah.”

Sehun stares at him for five seconds before he blushes and looks away and starts playing with his fingers and tapping his feet and Zitao thinks he’s just adorable.

“Um. Um, sure. Yeah okay. Uh,” Sehun looks up to the ceiling as if he’s asking all the god up there to help him out, “I’d like to go out with you.” He pauses. “Yeah.”

Zitao snaps out of his trance. “Oh! Okay,” his hands start shaking, “do you want to go for lunch or should I just pick you up... later?”

Zitao sees Yixing and Lu Han running up so that they’re in Zitao’s line of sight. They’re both cheering him silently, looking like two idiots in the middle of the crowded cafeteria. He’s going to die of embarrassment just by looking at them.

“Um, we can go now.” Sehun stands up, biting his lips. When Zitao looks over to Jongin, the dancer is smirking at the two of them, hiding his laughter behind his hand. Zitao hears him whisper, “Idiots.”

Zitao grins at how Sehun blushes and shyly bows his head. This is going to be a great day.

lay/luhan – g – fluff – 153 words

A part of him is really happy to see Yixing like this, eyes full of wonder and mouth endlessly blabbering about his day and what he’s been studying and how much he hates his professors. Lu Han loves him like that, like he’s willing to accept any part of him regardless of how annoying it is.

He pulls him closer by the lapels of his coat and kisses him. They’re in the middle of the sidewalk in a busy street with lots of lights and food stalls and noisy people even at midnight. But who really cares?

“I love you,” Lu Han says. It's not the first time he’s thought of saying it, but it’s the first time he actually did.

“I love you too,” replies Yixing. His hands slide down and around Lu Han’s waist, hugging him close.

“That’s my confession to you,” says Lu Han, breathless and dazed. “I love you.”

kris/luhan – g – fluff – 193 words

“This really isn’t romantic, Yifan! As much as I appreciate the efforts, I do not like this surprise of yours!” Lu Han yells. He’s holding onto Yifan’s forearms like letting go would die, and he probably will die if this cable car of theirs starts breaking down or worse: crashing.

Yifan flicks his forehead. “Stop thinking that you’ll die. You won’t.”

Lu Han glares at him. “Don’t say it. I repeat, do not say--”

“I’m here.”

They both groan at the cheesiness. Lu Han starts laughing uncontrollably. He pulls Yifan down for a kiss. “You’re an idiot.”

“And you like it.” Yifan turns him around and forces him to face the window. “Now look at the city.”

It’s absolutely beautiful at night and it takes Lu Han’s mind away from the fact that he’s still too high up in the air. He feels arms wrap around his waist from behind him, and Yifan leans his chin on Lu Han’s shoulder.

“You’re too cheesy,” Lu Han mumbles.

“I’m sorry.” Yifan kisses his cheek.

“It’s okay. I like it,” Lu Han says cheekily. “Happy Valentine’s day.”

Yifan hums against his hair. “Yeah. I’m happy too.”

girl!kris/suho – g – humor – 367 words
a/n: sort of a fill for this prompt at exopromptmeme

Kristina is passed out with her head in a bowl of fries. Chanri, her roommate, is laughing at her while the guy she was out on a date with just twenty minutes ago is staring at her fondly.

“I didn’t expect this,” Joonmyun admits. Chanri starts giggling.

“She really tried hard to be decent and proper and girl and stuff. The girl you saw in that restaurant a while ago is not the true Kristina,” Chanri says. “She’s the type of girl that would order a salad and then she’d eat all of your fries the moment it’s placed in front of you.”

Joonmyun chuckles, remembering how she snatched the bowl of fries away from Chanri and proceeded to shoving as many of them in her mouth. She drunkenly complained about how much she “hates pasta and pesto pasta and disgusting healthy things that will never be as good as a cheeseburger.”

“I’ll take care of her. You should go to sleep.” Chanri nods and retreats to her room. Joonmyun is left in the living room, wondering how he’ll deal with the girl who passed out on the couch.

“It was one glass of wine,” Joonmyun mutters. He takes a bunch of tissue from the bathroom and kneels in front of Kristina. He tries to wake her up and she lifts her head from the depths of the plastic bowl.

“Huh? What’s going on?” she grumbles. Joonmyun wipes off the cheese powder and oil off her nose, smiling at her disgruntled expression.

“I ruined the date, didn’t I?” she asks, finally coming back to herself. Joonmyun shakes his head, pecking her on the lips.

“You ruined your image but not the date.” He helps her stand up, inwardly groaning when he’s reminded of their height difference.

“Valentine’s day isn’t over yet.” Kristina grins. “I might be able to make it up to you.”

She leans down to kiss him fully, moaning when she feels his hand on the back of her neck, pushing them closer together.

“We’ve taken a picture of you while you were asleep. I think that’s enough to make it up to me.” Joonmyun grins, and he laughs when Kristina runs away in embarrassment.

chanyeol/tao – g – fluff – 206 words

“I’m not very comfortable with blind dates,” Chanyeol confesses. He idly plays with the heart decorations on the table that they’re eating on. Valentine’s day has always been one of his least favorite celebrations especially because Baekhyun just loves setting him up with random people. The guy across him must feel the exact same way.

“It’s not you, it’s me,” Zitao says. Chanyeol starts chuckling.

“You sound like you’re breaking up with me,” Chanyeol says with a fake pout. Zitao mirrors his expression.

“I just can’t do this anymore.” Zitao’s trying to sound apologetic, but he starts giggling uncontrollably when he sees Chanyeol’s eyes getting teary and his hands starting to shake.

Chanyeol doesn’t usually like this: playing around on dates, acting like a little kid again. It’s cute, but it’s not how he plays people.

Then again, he’s seeing how Zitao innocently laughs behind his hand, trying his best to seem like a decent person unlike Chanyeol’s technique. He doesn’t want to play with Zitao.

“How about we get out of this stuffy restaurant and I take you to a real date?” Chanyeol offers.

“Alright,” Zitao says plainly. His smile is genuine and exciting.

Yeah, Chanyeol doesn’t want to play with Zitao or his heart.

sehun/tao, side!luhan/kai, side! friends-with-benefits!baekhyun/chen – pg – fluff – 1243 words

Sehun stares at the small flyer in his hand. He’s so nervous that he can only decipher the words “professional cuddler” and the number that he needs to call someone for their “services.” His friend Jongin is working in the agency-of-sorts and he’s actually getting a lot of money just by hugging someone for an hour or two. It’s both creepy and cool.

His palms are sweating. What if the person is awkward? Oh god, what if she’s not cuddly enough? Should I even pay her if I wasn’t satisfied?

Sehun shakes his head abruptly. Today is Valentine’s Day and he has no one to be with. Jongin is with one of his clients, a Chinese guy named Luhan who he completely fell for after a four-hour cuddling session. Baekhyun is with his best friend slash fuck buddy slash boyfriend, Jongdae, and they’re probably going to treat him like a little kid and dote on him like how they always do. He doesn’t want to spend time with Chanyeol and waste his day playing video games and eating greasy burgers.

He wants someone to hug and someone to hug him back. As disgusting as it sounds, it’s the truth.

Sehun dials the number and asks for any cuddler who’s near his age.

Fifteen minutes later, the doorbell rings. He’s hoping that it’s Jongin or Chanyeol or even Yifan, of all people.

To his dismay, it’s a tall, tan and handsome guy with scary eyes and a really nice body.

“Yes?” Sehun asks with a blank face. The man in front of him stands up straight and clears his throat.

“You’re Oh Sehun, right?” he asks with a slight foreign accent to his words. Sehun nods. “I’m Zitao, and I’ll be your cuddler for today.”

Sehun’s mouth forms a perfect circle. Wordlessly, he steps aside to let Zitao in. To be honest, he didn’t expect it to be a guy, and he certainly didn’t want anyone to see a stranger standing outside his apartment door at five thirty in the evening.

Zitao is quiet as he walks in Sehun’s apartment. He seems to be sizing Sehun up just by his living spaces, and the man being observed isn’t very pleased. He’s about to drag Zitao inside his bedroom just so that he’d stop looking around, but he’s surprised when Zitao approaches his couch.

“The bed is more comfortable, you--” Sehun is interrupted by Zitao softly giggling. He walks to his side and groans when he sees that Zitao’s giggling at a knitted pillow that his mother gave him when he first moved into his apartment. It has flowers and the face of a cat and dog and a message saying, “For my lovely son.” Sehun is beyond embarrassed.

“Cute,” Zitao teases, laughing openly when Sehun turns the pillow over, only to be even more embarrassed when there’s a large heart knitted on the other side of the pillow. He throws it behind the couch and blindly grabs Zitao’s wrist, effectively shutting both of them up.

He’s too shy to hold on but he’s too embarrassed to let go. Sehun drags him to the bedroom and shuts the door behind them. So far, this experience hasn’t been very pleasant for him.

It’s Zitao’s turn to seem embarrassed now. “D-do... do we just lie down or...?”

They awkwardly sit down on either side of the bed and Sehun goes under the covers, playing with the hem of the blanket on his lap. Zitao reluctantly joins him, settling down uncomfortably on the pillows.

“Come here,” Zitao says. Sehun moves closer and lets Zitao hug him close. His head is on Zitao’s arm and his hand rests on his waist and yeah, this is kind of awkward.

“Is this your first time?” Zitao asks. Sehun nods, inwardly thinking, “Why does it sound like we’re going to have sex?”

“It’s okay; it’s mine too.” Zitao smiles at him. It’s cute and it blinds Sehun for a whole five seconds. “Just relax,” he whispers into Sehun’s ear. The pale boy moves closer until his head is on Zitao’s toned chest. It’s nice, he thinks to himself.

His hand finds its way to the back of Sehun’s neck. Zitao traces circles on his skin and Sehun instantly gets drowsier, humming softly. Zitao’s good at this, for a first timer.

“I’m not gay, by the way,” Sehun sleepily mutters.

“Sure you aren’t,” Zitao says. Sehun’s too comfortable to even object, so he just nods and hugs Zitao’s torso even tighter.

Sehun wakes up at eight PM. He’s surprised to still feel Zitao’s arms around him, and he looks up at the tanned male. “Did you sleep?”

Zitao nods weakly. “Just a little.” His hands shake a little against Sehun’s skin, and then they stop moving.

“Should I leave now?” Zitao hesitantly asks. Sehun rubs his forearm lightly and snuggles against him.

“How much will it cost me to hire you overnight?”

He can almost feel the blinding smile on Zitao’s face. “Three hundred thousand won?”

Sehun hums. “Worth it, I guess. You should stay.”

The next time he wakes up, his stomach is grumbling angrily. Sehun feels warm and everything in life seems beautiful. The sun is shining, the earth is turning and he survived Valentine’s Day all by himself.

Then comes a snore.

Oh yeah, he wasn’t alone.

Zitao is still sleeping under him, so Sehun carefully slides out of bed. He’s feeling giddy and disgustingly happy to see Zitao with his messy blonde hair fanning on the pillow. It feels like something that was supposed to be a one night stand but it didn’t end up that way and Sehun feels extremely content and pleased.

He tries to do those cute things that they’d do in movies, like cook breakfast or something that seems really special, but then he realizes that there’s a higher chance of him burning the apartment building down than pleasing Zitao. Sehun sticks with french toast and scrambled eggs. It’ll have to do.

He hears the bedroom door opening, and Zitao smiles at him awkwardly from the doorframe. “Hi,” he says. Sehun greets him back.

“I have classes in around half an hour, so I’ll have to go now.” Zitao straightens out his shirt and rubs the back of his neck. Sehun gives him the payment and Zitao just nods.

Before Sehun can pull away his hand, Zitao tugs him closer and presses his lips against Sehun’s lightly. Neither of them is really surprised that this happened, but Sehun’s eyes are still wide open as Zitao slides his arm around his waist.

“I put my number in your phone,” Zitao says breathlessly. “If you want to call, it’s there.”

He smiles again and Sehun teases him because of the blush on his cheeks. Zitao teases him back and they spend another five minutes throwing table napkins at each other. Zitao kisses him on the cheek and finally escapes from Sehun’s napkin attack.

Sehun spends the rest of his morning with an involuntary smile on his face. The peace was disturbed by the beeping of his phone.

“how was valentine’s day, loner? did you have a great time with your tv and the pillow that your mom made you? ^^”

Jongin is officially not his best friend anymore.

But then he remembers that nope, he did have a great day. He smirks to himself.

“I had a great time. did you have fun getting rejected by Luhan again?”

lay/luhan – g – fluff – 350 words

Yixing frowns when he hears the front door opening and closing. He stands up and walks over to the entrance of their house where Lu Han’s taking off his shoes. His husband looks up and sends him a smile.

“Hey,” Lu Han breathes out. “Sorry--”

“You’re late.” Yixing taps his foot on the wooden flooring, crossing his arms in front of his chest.

“Happy Valentine’s day?” Lu Han’s smile falters and he rushes over to kiss him. Yixing is still against his body, even when Lu Han pulls him closer by the hips and presses against him.

“Are you really that mad?” Lu Han asks. Yixing’s façade falters at Lu Han’s pout and he hugs his husband back. Lu Han presses kisses against his neck, giggling at how Yixing is squirming in his arms.

“You know that it’s rare for us to be alone like this. I’m surprised we even allowed Shixun to visit sleep in his friend’s house instead of acting like the controlling parents that we’ve always been,” Yixing points out. Lu Han giggles and kisses him on the cheek.

“Shixun is twelve years old. I’m sure he can take care of himself.”

“Unlike one of his fathers...” Yixing smirks against Lu Han’s hair, chuckling when the older male hit his butt.

“After fourteen years of being married to you, I still can’t believe you’re so mean to me.” Lu Han steps away from him, pouting again.

“After nineteen years of knowing you, I still can’t believe you’re this childish.” Lu Han doesn’t respond to him. “Are you really that mad?” Yixing mocks him.

He leans forward to kiss him again, and when he pulls away there’s a rose in his hand. “Happy Valentine’s day.” Yixing bops his nose lightly with the rose. “This is for you.”

Lu Han takes it, blushing brightly. “You’re embarrassing.”

Yixing grins and pulls him in for a hug. In between their chests, Yixing is holding Lu Han’s hand, stroking the golden band on his ring finger.

Fourteen years ago, on this exact day, Yixing proposed to Lu Han. And he said yes.

kris/suho – pg-15 – fluff – slightly sexual scene, implied kink – 475 words

This is not how Joonmyun expected to spend his Valentine’s day.

He did not expect himself to be sitting on a couch, watching an American basketball game with commentary in a language that he doesn’t understand and an entire sport that he’s clueless about. But here he is now.

Joonmyun doesn’t really want to blame Yifan for this, but it’s kind of his fault. His boyfriend is busy with a bowl of popcorn on his lap and the most menacing expression on his face. His team is losing and no one, no one, wants to be near Yifan when that’s happening. Joonmyun’s just one of those rare people who he would never be willing to crush in his gigantic hands whenever he’s getting too agitated because of “tipped-off referees and really stupid fouls.”

“I’m going to sleep,” Joonmyun announces. Yifan is still focused on the TV, and Joonmyun sighs.

“This is not how I expected I’d spend my Valentine’s day,” Joonmyun mutters to himself. He retreats into their bedroom, not noticing that Yifan turned off the television.

Joonmyun’s settled down underneath the blankets, warm and cozy but still unable to sleep. He likes sleeping with Yifan, loves how Yifan was the bigger one of the two but he’s the one who likes being cradled and cared for and held tightly by someone else. He really likes sleeping with Yifan.

He’s surprised when he’s suddenly flipped onto his back. Yifan kisses him harshly, not even chuckling when Joonmyun squeaks in surprise. Joonmyun doesn’t feel anything except for Yifan’s knees framing his thighs, Yifan’s hands pinning his wrists down, Yifan’s perfectly plump lips kissing him again and again and again.

“So tell me how you expected to spend your Valentine’s day,” Yifan murmurs, his deep voice causing Joonmyun to shiver. The younger male frees his hands from Yifan’s grip and he tugs on the hem of Yifan’s shirt. He gets the hint and takes off his shirt. Joonmyun places his hands on Yifan’s shoulders and pulls him down to kiss down his jawline.

“Anything else you thought of?” Yifan asks. Joonmyun pulls him closer and whispers:


Yifan stiffens and stares at him blankly, mirroring the expression on Joonmyun’s face. After a few awkward seconds, a huge grin breaks on Joonmyun’s face causing Yifan to laugh as well. “I’m just kidding. Come here.”

Joonmyun flips their positions so that he’s the one on top of Yifan, leaving kisses and marks all over his bare chest. When Yifan lets out a particularly loud moan, Joonmyun starts laughing at him. The taller male takes him into his arms and traps him in his embrace.

“Were you serious about what you said a while ago?” Yifan asks, still too embarrassed to say it out loud. Joonmyun smiles his usual gentle smile.

“Well, I’m not saying you have to wear them...”

girl!baekhyun/chen, side!chanyeol/girl!kyungsoo – g – fluff – 518 words
a/n: part of the ten years au

“Kyungsoon, he’s mad at me. I can tell,” Baekyeon complains for the nth time to her best friend. As usual, Kyungsoon just rolled her eyes at Baekyeon.

“Remember the last time you acted stupid like this? In the end, both of you were actually in love with each other.” Baekyeon sighs. “Come on, you two are engaged. You can’t just have these dumb fights anymore. You have to think: is this how we’re going to be when we get married?”

Baekyeon pauses for a while. “You’re just acting like this because you’re already married,” she points out.

“Yes, I admit it. I’ve become wiser ever since Chanyeol and I got married. And I think that’s a good thing. You learn from marriage, Baekyeon. You’re supposed to grow because of this relationship, not just stay the same but with rings on your fingers.”

“What do you want me to do?” she asks.

“Go home. Go to Jongdae. Talk, like what you’re supposed to do.”

When she comes home, Jongdae’s waiting for her on the couch. He has a box of chocolates on his lap. It was probably meant for her, but he seems to have eaten half of the box already. Something’s wrong.

“Hey,” Baekyeon says gently. Jongdae stands up, rushing to hug her. She topples backwards a little, slightly surprised at Jongdae’s reaction to seeing her.

“Hey to you too,” Jongdae murmurs.

Baekyeon pulls away from him. “What’s wrong?” Jongdae shakes his head and she’s forced to pull him closer for a kiss. His lips move frantically against hers, and the urgency scares her.

“What’s wrong?” she repeats. He leans his forehead against hers.

“My mom is forcing me to set a date for the wedding. She’s pressuring me to get married as soon as possible and I don’t want you to be burdened with this--”

He’s cut off by Baekyeon’s laughter. She frames his face with her hands and kisses him sweetly. “Oh Jongdae. You’re always like this. You’re always worrying and worrying and worrying, and you forget that there’s a reason why I’m here.”

“You’re here for me,” Jongdae breathes out.

“Yes. I’m here for you.” She smiles. “Now stop worrying because I’m a hundred percent sure I’m going to get married to you, Kim Jongdae. We can get married next month, next year, in thirty minutes, for all I care. The only thing I care about is knowing that you’re going to be here for me and you’ll know that I’m there for you.”

They order Chinese take out food for their Valentine’s day dinner. Does it really matter if they’re eating on the couch wearing sweatpants and cheesy old romantic comedies being shown on the TV? Does any of that really have to matter?

“Let’s get married,” Jongdae says suddenly. Baekyeon stares at him and brings up her left hand, showing off the diamond ring.

“I’m pretty sure we’ve already discussed this--”

“No, I mean now.” Jongdae puts down the box of fried rice. “Let’s get married now.”

Baekyeon stares at him blankly for a few seconds. And then she grins.

“Let’s get married.”

i hope everyone enjoyed this and i hope you all have fun during valentine's day c:
Tags: !drabble, !fanfic, !fill, fandom:exo, pairing:baekhyun/chen, pairing:chanyeol/kyungsoo, pairing:chanyeol/tao, pairing:kris/luhan, pairing:kris/suho, pairing:lay/luhan, pairing:sehun/tao, rating:g, rating:pg, rating:pg-15
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